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Issue 1, September 1994 

(no abstract available)

P. Prudkov, A model of self-organization of cognitive processes 1-19
A. Greco, Integrating "different" models in cognitive psychology 21-32
C. Stary, Cognitive models and user interfaces - concepts for convergence 33-47
Ph.R. van Loocke, The notion "connectionist psychology" from the perspective of some recent developments in the field of neural networks 49-73
Ph.R. van Loocke, Convergent properties of the conceptual database of the right hemisphere 75-92
R.J. Wassenaar, Conceptualization and categorizing in neural networks 93-118

Issue 2, August 1995,  

(no abstract available)

Special issue on 'Representation', Editor A. Greco, Genoa (Italy)

A. Greco, Introduction 119-129
P.A.M. Gelepithis, Revising Allen Newell's conception of representation 131-139
M.F. Peschl, Embodied knowledge without representation(s)? 141-157
G. Sommerhoff, Vision and representations of the surrounding world 159-175
A. Etxeberria, Representation and embodiment 177-196
M.J. Patel, The nature of semantic representation in complex adaptive models of learning and intelligent behaviours 197-216
G.J. Dalenoort, Computation and self-organization in the brain 217-231
P.H. de Vries, Downwards emergence in conceptual networks 233-246
A. Greco, The concept of representation in psychology 247-255

Issue 4-3,4 (Double-issue), February 1997
Special issue on 'Cognitive modeling and user-interface development

Editors: Ch. Stary, Linz (Austria)
G.J. Dalenoort, Groningen (The Netherlands)

A. Greco, Introduction 257-260
G.J. Dalenoort, On the analysis of tasks for autonomous systems 261-273
P.H. de Vries and K. van Slochteren, Text-processing tasks in autonomous networks 275-287
P. Markopoulos and S. Gikas, Formal specification of a task model and implications for interface design 289-310
Ch. Stary, Barriers to knowledge engineering for adaptive user interfaces 311-333
A. de Haan, Computational modelling and converstaional human-computer interaction 335-352
G. de Haan, How to cook ETAG and related dishes: uses of a notational language for user-interface design 353-379
P. Slavik, Grammars and rewriting systems as models for graphical user interfaces 381-399
J. Sefranek and M. Kravcik, A model of collaborative writing 401-428
Balint, L., On the perspectives of HCI design: Open questions and potential trends 429-448


Issue 1, October 1997

H. Wermus, Representations, beliefs, and hindrances in understanding pp.1-16
D. Memmi, The implicit/explicit distinction in connectionism and symbolic artificial intelligence pp.17-35
A. Micarelli and P. Boylan, Foreign-language tutoring systems today: Old-fashioned teaching with newfangled gadgets pp.37-56
F.Y. Lin, Grammar, semantics, and logic: Towards an 'ordinary language' theory of language pp.57-80
A. D'Angiulli, Spatial representation, connectionism, and cognitive development pp.81-102

Issue 5-2, september 1999

R.P. Würtz, Neural networks as a model for visual perception: What is lacking? 103-112
D. Gernert, Cognitive aspects of very large knowledge-based systems 113-122
N. Hayes, Some cognitive implications of human social evolution 123-135
V.A. French, E. Anderson, G. Putman, T. Alvager, The Yerkes-Dodson law simulated with an artificial neural network 136-147
A. Greco and A. Cangelosi, Language and the acquisition of implicit and explicit knowledge: A pilot study using neural networks 148-165
G. Grössing, We have in mind - A review of The Journal of Mind and Behavior, Vol. 18, Nrs. 2&3, (Spring and summer 1997), A special issue on 'Advances in chaos theory, quantum theory, and consciousness in psychology' 166-172
G.J. Dalenoort, Neural networks: The missing intermediate level, - A review of The Journal of Mind and Behavior, Vol. 18, Nrs. 2&3, (Spring and summer 1997), A special issue on 'Advances in chaos theory, quantum theory, and consciousness in psychology' 173-196

Issue 5-3 december 1999
Second Special Issue on Cognitive Modeling and User-interface Development

G.J. Dalenoort, Introduction 197-198
D. Gernert, Utilization of complementary expert knowledge by computer-assisted model synthesis 199-210
P. Forbrig, E. Schlungbaum, Model-based approaches to the development of interactive systems 211-224
A. Dittmar, Task-modelling - psychological and formal aspects 225-240
I.D. Craig, Cognitive agents, communication and self-models 241-254
J. Sefranek, Conceptual interfaces 255-270
C. Eckert, Computer support for early design in aesthetic design domains 271-290
G. de Haan, The design of an information infrastructure to support system managers and business procedures 291-302
G.J. Dalenoort, The role of internal representations for the performance of tasks 303-321


Issue 5-4 (1999-2001)....

(no abstract available)

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More on Issue 6-1 & Issue 6.2-3 soon

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