16th ANNUAL WORKSHOP, held on 24-26 October 1999
Siena, Italy

Time: 24-26 October 1999,
Place: Siena, Italy

The 16th annual workshop will take place near Siena, Italy, from Sunday 24 October, 10 hours (10 a.m.) to Tuesday 26 October in the afternoon, preceding the 3rd European Conference on Cognitive Science, 27-30 October 1999. (see: ECCS-99 Webpage:

There will be a welcome party on Saturday 23 October, from 18.00 hours (6.00 pm.). It will be possible to stay on for the ECCS-99. Depending on the number of papers there will be a free afternoon on one of the days.

The place of the workshop will be the same monastery as where ECCS-99 will be held: The Certosa di Pontignano, some 10 km. NE from Siena.

The aim of the annual workshops is the exchange of knowledge, information, and opinions on all aspects of cognition and related topics, with emphasis on exchanges between different disciplines involved. Papers may be either of a general kind, or specific, but with sufficient attention for the general aspects, and understandable for the audience from a wide variety of disciplines. The following disciplines belong explicitly to the scope of the workshop:

Experimental papers should be placed within a theoretical framework. Papers accepted for the workshop may be published in the journal of the ESSCS, 'Cognitive Systems'.

Accomodation in single and double rooms is available in the Monastery, including breakfast, at about ItL 74000 per person per night. (about Euro 45 or US$ 45) A block booking has been made until 1st August 1999. If you also want to stay on for the main conference, it is recommended to book for the days after 26 October well before 30 March, the closing date for submission of abstracts for the main conference.

Pontignano can be reached by train and by car; the nearest international airport is Rome, Siena can be reached by train in about 2-3 hours. Details how to reach the Certosa by bus can be found on the webpage of ECCS-99, and will also be sent to participants in due time. Please send abstracts of papers as soon as possible. Last-minute participation is possible if room is available, but the number of papers is limited to 24, and the number of participants to about 40.

Length of abstracts: between 20 and 40 lines (1-2 kByte), to be sent by ordinary mail, and possibly also by E-mail.

The fee is ItL 50000 (about Euro/US$ 30 for members of the ESSCS, and ItL 70000 (about US$ 35 in Feb. 1999) for others, for students the fee is Bfr. ItL 20000. Membership is NLG 25.- per annum, subscription to the Journal (Volume 5) is NLG 80.- for members, NLG 95.- for others, NLG 140.- for institutions. (one US$ and one Euro is about NLG 2.00).

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For all questions on the Workshop, the Society, and the Journal, on form and content of papers for the workshop, and for registration, please write to:


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