Second call for papers, January 2001

NTCS '02 (New Trends in Cognitive Science 2002)

May 2 (10.00 hrs) - 5 (afternoon), 2002,
Salzburg, Austria

invite for a multidisciplinary conference in cognitive science.
The following topics are included interdisciplinary approaches
to cognition, modelling, experiments, philosophical issues, and
applied research in the fields of:

- psychology (cognitive, developmental), perception,
- artificial intelligence (general aspects),
- associative memory and neural networks, neuroscience,
- linguistics (also computational), disorders of language,
- education and instruction,
- cognitive ergonomics,
- philosophy, history of concepts.

Registration fee 30 Euro for members of the ASoCS/ESSCS,
40 Euro for others, students 16 Euro.



Abstracts and papers

Abstracts will be judged on multidisciplinary character,
since the participants of the workshop come from a variety
of disciplines. Experimental and theoretical presentations
must be relevant to general problems of cognition and
understanding, not only of interest to a few insiders (see
also the list of disciplines above).

Full papers are welcome, especially if publication in the
journal of the ESSCS, 'Cognitive Systems', is considered.


Deadline for sending abstracts:

March 1, 2002

If there is room in the programme, last-minute participation
with a paper is possible, provided the paper satisfies the
aims of the workshop. Participation without a paper is possible
until the maximal number of participants (35). This may imply
accomodation in a nearby hotel.

The maximum number of presentations will be 24. It is good if
we receive abstracts as soon as possible, to put them on the
webpage, with the programme. Length: 10-20 lines (of about 70
characters) of text, i.e. half a page A4, or some 1.5 kilobytes,
preferable in ASCII, or text file.
Presentation time: 30 minutes, including discussion (we do not
have to be very strict on presentation times, but this is the
basic time available).

Transparencies and beamer

The standard for showing text and pictures will be transparancies.
We shall try to provide a beamer.

Accomodation & Reservation

The conference site is located in a very nice place on the
"Moenchsberg" (see area F/5 on the map: ; look for
"Jaohannesschloessel" in the "Moenchsberg" area).

Johannes Schloessel, Moenchsberg 24, A-5020 Salzburg, Austria
Tel: +43 662 / 84 65 43 - 0, Fax: +43 662 / 84 63 47 - 86

A block booking of rooms has been made (the price is about
40 EUR per person per night including breakfast).
At this time of the year many tourists may be in Salzburg,
and rooms may be rare.

For reservation we need a payment, or authorization that we
may charge your credit card by 2 May 2002. In case you
cannot come, you will receive back the payment, or the charge
of the credit card will not be effectuated, if no costs
are involved for the ESSCS.

All reservations and registrations with via the ESSCS:

a map:

Since the programme starts on 2 May at 10.00 hrs, you may arrive
on 1st May. Please notice that 1st May is a holiday in Austria.

Salzburg has an airport and a main train station.
There is a good train connection from Vienna to Salzburg, about 3
hours, price one way: about 55 EUR),

M. Peschl (ASoCS), G.J. Dalenoort (ESSCS)

ESSCS european society for the study of cognitive systems